Let us help you collapse your sales cycle and your improve margins!

In 1998, we founded AZtech Strategies out of a frustration with traditional consulting because we believe consultants should do more than just validate what clients believe. We've built a team of experts who deliver solid value by challenging assumptions and creating successful strategies based on real world experience.

Our goal is to help our clients set themselves apart by keeping their focus squarely on the customer. We believe there is nothing more important. Without customers, there is no revenue. End of story.

We Start with Knowledge

Our team of tele-consultants spend thousands of hours annually having conversations with customers and their partners/suppliers. We routinely speak with c-level executives of global 100 corporations. We continually research the challenges of small and medium businesses. We don't do quantitative research. Not only is it boring for everyone, it tends to confirm what you already knew. We conduct in-depth qualitative research. Our proprietary methodology delivers unparalleled insight into, not only your customers' business, but also their relationships with their customers, partners and suppliers.

We Add Experience

Our executives bring a wealth of experience. They've lived through the same transformations and strategy evolutions our clients are facing. They know the pitfalls. They've made the mistakes. They've fought the internal battles. They know how to get from a powerpoint deck to margin realization.

We Highlight the Core Messages

Our deliverables and recommendations are direct and in plain english. We don't believe in mind numbing deliverables. The market is exciting and dynamic. Our work reflects that.

We Tell It Like It Is

We have no qualms about pointing out weaknesses in strategy or execution. If our customer research says clients are making a mistake or missing an opportunity, we are passionate about driving change.

We Do Real Work

We don't believe in leaving clients with a binder of charts and graphs. We believe the act of developing our recommendations puts us in an ideal position to help execute them. In today's world of limited resources we believe it is our responsibility to help clients streamline execution by pitching in to get the work done. Whether that means socializing the strategy to gain internal alignment, working directly with prospects/customers to develop strategic sales opportunities or creating thought leadership, our team becomes an extension of your team.

E-mail: azink@aztechstrategies.com